Stop Trump Administration’s Assault on Climate Science

Target: President Donald J. Trump

Goal: Reinstate NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System to continue vital research into climate change and its impacts.

The Trump Administration has continued its assault on climate science with the appointment of an anthropogenic climate change denier to the post of NASA director and the cessation of funding to critical earth science programs. These programs are crucial to monitoring emissions and climate change as average atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gas continue to rise to concerning levels.

Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have recently exceeded 410 parts per million on average, a concentration that is approaching levels deemed by scientists to be unsafe. Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have previously reached this concentration, but recently this level has been sustained in the atmosphere over a longer period of time and continues on an increasing trend. In combination with the troubling stance taken by the Trump Administration towards anthropogenic climate change, the discontinuation of funding to NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) spells certain doom for our environment, as we lose the ability to track global emissions and carbon sources and sinks. The CMS was discontinued through a budget cut with nearly no media attention, likely on purpose. The complete denial of anthropogenic climate change by the Trump Administration has ceased to be a purely political move and is endangering scientists’ ability to track global trends. We will now likely have to rely on European leaders in climate science to monitor global atmospheric data.

NASA’s earth science programs, such as the CMS, are critical to tracking atmospheric trends and impacts to the environment and need to continue operation. These programs should not be cut simply because President Trump’s new appointee as NASA administrator has been a longtime denier of anthropogenic climate change. Sign the petition to reinstate funding to these critical programs to monitor emissions and their impacts on the globe.


Dear President Trump,

Budget cuts to NASA’s earth science programs are threatening our ability to monitor greenhouse gases and their impacts on the earth. NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) was a crucial program in tracking this information and keeping the United States as a leader in climate science and technology. Cessation of funding for these programs can only serve to damage our ability to fight climate change and be a global leader in science and technology.

Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide are reaching all-time highs, nearing levels that scientists deem unsafe. The average concentration in the atmosphere has reached 410 parts per million, a level previously only reached for short durations. Whether or not you believe in anthropogenic climate change, the CMS was vital in providing this information to scientists and in developing first-rate technological advances. Climate change is not going away and removing funding from NASA’s monitoring programs will cause the U.S. to rely on others for global atmospheric data trends and technological advances.

Regardless of your personal views, please do not limit scientists in their quest for knowledge and technological development. Continue funding for these important earth science programs and the information they provide.


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Photo Credit: NASA/Apollo 17 crew

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