End Drought-Inducing Deforestation in Ghana

Target: Daniel Amlalo, Executive Director, Ghana Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Bring an end to destructive deforestation that is robbing humans and habitats of their water.

Deforestation in Ghana is leading to dangerous droughts in India. Research finds that deforestation is decreasing rainfall, impacting it by 25 to 40 percent. Now, parts of India are in a water crisis due to Ghana’s careless actions.

Deforestation has stripped Ghana of roughly 35 percent of forest cover. Forests have been cleared for plantations and dams. Water cannot evaporate from vegetation, leading to a lack of rainfalls that improve crops and provide a much-needed life source for living beings.

Deforestation must be brought under control so this dangerous and deadly drought facing India can be brought to an end. Sign the petition to demand Ghana end deforestation in its country to protect all lives, within its borders and beyond.


Dear Director Amlalo,

Your nation’s deforestation is negatively impacting lives far beyond your borders. Deforestation in Ghana is creating droughts in India. Without vegetation to hold water, there is no evaporation, which means there is no rain.

Something must be done immediately to end deforestation in your country. It isn’t only harming your own habitats and citizens. Now, the dangers and damage have transcended borders.


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