Hold Big Oil Accountable for Climate Change Impacts

Target: Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., Attorney representing Chevron Oil

Goal: Make oil companies pay for the destruction caused by climate change and their own greed.

Big oil has perpetrated a fraud against the American public by ignoring climate science in order to line their pockets. In the past, these huge oil and energy companies have purposely muddied the waters when it comes to the impacts of climate change from the production and use of fossil fuels in order to maintain their profit margin from these activities and obscure the truth to the public. These companies need to be held accountable for the catastrophic impacts of their activities.

Now this issue has been taken to court in People of the State of California vs. BP P.L.C. et. al. Several large U.S. cities have sued several big oil companies, including ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Shell. This momentous court case aims to make big oil pay for the current and future damages to infrastructure and real estate caused by rising sea levels due to climate change. Finally, the public may see some reparations for the damage caused by the oil industry.

These companies knew the damage they were causing before much of the public was aware of the issue of climate change. According to the LA Times, a presentation in 1980 made to the American Petroleum Institute (API) warned these companies of the dangers of (then) global warming, both environmentally and economically, and the potential consequences of their actions. Rather than alert the government or the public, the API chose to sow chaos and confuse the public by becoming one of the loudest deniers of anthropogenic climate change. This has been proven with literature disseminated within the API seeking to emphasize the “uncertainties” of climate science, rather than share the truth. This occurred after climate change became widely publicized with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992.

These unethical business practices in order to turn huge profits are unacceptable. The oil industry perpetrated a fraud against the public for decades in order to make money rather than do the ethical thing by sharing the truth and making changes to way we use fossil fuels and energy. Instead, this industry has led us on a path of fossil fuel dependence. Sign the petition for the attorney of these companies to stop blaming the public and to hold them accountable for the impacts due to their greed.


Dear Mr. Boutrous,

Your client, big oil, has knowingly exaggerated the uncertainties related to climate science in the past in order to obfuscate the issue and continue to profit from the destruction of the environment. The court case People of the State of California vs. BP P.L.C., et. al. is of the utmost importance in holding these companies accountable for their unethical practices. Stop defending these companies by blaming climate change on “how people are leading their lives.”

Decades have gone by and oil companies have continued to profit without any consequences. The scientific community has long since come to a consensus on climate change, which has finally been admitted by your client. Big oil knew about the potential dangers related to climate change even before the issue was widely known to the public. Yet still they think only of their shareholders’ interests. Still they prevent the spread of renewable energy and technologies. Still they unapologetically promote fossil fuel dependence and its disastrous consequences.

Your client should be held accountable for the fraud perpetrated against the public. Don’t support the ridiculous notion that this is somehow the public’s fault, when your clients knowingly withheld information for years regarding the impacts of climate change. Big oil deserves to pay for the impacts they have caused due their greed and unethical activities.


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Photo Credit: Walter Siegmund

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