Stop Loggers from Damaging Solomon Islands Drinking Water

Target: Rick Houenipwela (Hou), Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands

Goal: Don’t allow developers to damage residents’ drinking water.

Land clearing in the Solomon Islands is causing excessive soil erosion that is negatively impacting residents’ drinking water. Developers have prioritized logging and their own economic gains over public health in an area where residents don’t have access to alternative clean water sources. These forested tropical areas are being consumed by logging with no regard for the downstream impact on water quality and delicate ecosystems.

Developers on the Solomon Islands are promoting excessive logging with no plan for the protection of sensitive areas. Deforestation leads to bare soil conditions, which can cause significant erosion. Erosion of soil into downstream areas degrades the quality of water that residents rely on for drinking and bathing. In an island area, no drinking water alternatives exist for these residents. Soil loss also prevents the regrowth of vegetation in logged areas, which slows reforestation. Soil cannot quickly be replaced naturally, and the infertile soil or rock left behind is unfit for residents to farm on to feed themselves or to reestablish these sensitive forested areas. Downstream ecosystems can also be destroyed.

A national policy is needed to link these loggers’ activities with metrics for the protection of drinking water resources instead of just economic growth. Please, sign the petition below to take a stand to protect these remote residents and their access to clean water.


Dear Prime Minister Hou,

Loggers’ destruction of the Solomon Islands’ tropical forests for economic gain will only continue without action to protect water resources. It is vital to protect both your citizens’ drinking water and your country’s unique tropical forest ecosystems.

The impacts of erosion on drinking water resources and downstream ecosystems can be devastating to residents. They have limited access to alternative drinking water sources, if clean water sources are negatively impacted by land clearing activities. In addition, the resulting soil loss will slow reforestation and choke downstream ecosystems. These factors need to be considered when weighing the economics of development.

Don’t allow these developers to prioritize their own economic gain over the well-being of your citizens. We urge you to adopt a policy to protect clean water and the beautiful ecosystems of the Solomon Islands.


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Photo Credit: Roosevelt Garcia

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