Bring An End to Deforestation at the Hands of the Chocolate Industry

Target:  Giovanni Ferrero, CEO of Ferrero

Goal: Stop supporting methods of cocoa production that enable deforestation and instead pledge to uphold sustainable cocoa farming.

One of the world’s leading chocolate companies, Ferrero, is playing a large and devastating role in the deforestation of our planet’s rarest rain forests and jungles. While Hershey and Godiva have been praised for their commitment to sustainable cocoa production, Ferrero has yet to implement a policy that pledges to end its role in deforestation.

Recent surveys and studies have ranked chocolate companies’ impacts in ending deforestation by scoring them in three main categories: West Africa cocoa, worldwide cocoa agroforestry, and deforestation-free cocoa. While Ferrero does not source cocoa from West African rain forests, it still must take steps to support deforestation-free cocoa production worldwide.

Sign the petition to demand that Ferrero follow the lead of its competitors and work to end deforestation by pledging itself to sustainable practices.


Dear Mr. Ferrero,

Recent reports have ranked the chocolate industry’s impact on deforestation. While competitors like Hershey and Godiva came out on top and have stopped sourcing cocoa from endangered forests worldwide, your company has not. While Ferrero has committed to sustainable practices in West Africa, this is not enough. Rain forests all over the world are in danger.

I demand that you follow the lead of your competitors and pledge to take a stand against deforestation. I ask that you turn to sustainable ways of cocoa production.


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Photo Credit: Mikkel Houmøller

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