Clean Power Trumps Pollution: Hold Super-Polluter Accountable

Target: William H. Spence, Chairman, President, and CEO of PPL Corporation

Goal: Demand one of the country’s top polluters enact clean power solutions.

Toxic: this is a fitting word for agents that cause impaired lung development, respiratory disease, and premature death. These effects just represent the toll on humans. The impact toxic air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions exert on the environment is manifest in a different kind of symptomology: rising water levels, erratic swings in temperature, dying ecosystems, and unforgiving natural disasters. A few years ago, an alarming study about America’s ‘super-polluters’ revealed that just 100 US companies released fully one-third of this country’s pollutants into the atmosphere. America ranks only behind China as the world’s largest polluter, so a mere 100 companies not only pollute US skies, they add millions of metric tons of environmental killers to the world as a whole. Of these 100 companies, energy giant PPL Corporation stands among the very worst. With continued federal deregulation and lacking EPA support, destructive organizations like these will continue to destroy our environment unchecked.

The Center for Public Integrity’s super-polluters list measured companies based on toxic air pollution and greenhouse gas levels. Two separate top-100 lists resulted, and several companies had the ‘honor’ of making both of these lists. Only PPL, however, had three offenders on both lists. In the time since this list’s unveiling, PPL has done little to mend its destructive practices. The organization remains the seventh biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the country. Recently, PPL’s shareholders approved a measure requiring reports of how any climate change initiative would curtail their earnings. While some of the organization’s plants run by oil and natural gas, several—particularly in Kentucky—are powered by coal, a significant pollutant-inducer.

EPA leaders are continuing efforts to abolish the Clean Power Plan and its requirements for states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, PPL may feel emboldened to abandon modernization investments for its plants. Sign this petition and urge PPL leadership to take a significant step into the future for the sake of progress and, more importantly, for the longevity of our environment.


Dear Mr. Spence,

Across the country, similar stories unfold in disadvantaged regions. Much is emphasized about the economic well-being of these communities, but distressingly little is said about a more insidious, devastating problem. Residents of these regions are literally being choked and strangled over a long period of time. From Indiana to Kentucky to Pennsylvania, these residents and the very air they breathe are under assault from poison. Much of this poison rests in your organization’s hands.

You have the dishonor of being named one of the country’s most prominent super-polluters. Your emissions—most notably from your coal-powered plants—consistently rank you in the top 10 of carbon dioxide contributors in the United States. It is not too late, however, to reverse this trend— to put environmental and public health before profit margins.

Follow through with plans to create an energy infrastructure that better reflects the direction of the rest of the world. This will help you stay in step with your progress-minded competitors while implementing a new, better mission for your organization’s future. Honor the spirit of the Clean Power Plan and clean up the chaotic damage you have helped create.

Be a true consumer advocate and ambassador for change by leaving pollution and toxicity in the past and by forging a better, cleaner path forward.


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Photo Credit: Jason Hawkes

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