Stop EPA Head Scott Pruitt from Killing the Earth

Target: Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Demand the EPA stop adopting agendas that actively damage Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is potentially the biggest threat we’ve seen to the environment since the first climate change studies were released. Every policy he implements is done behind closed doors, without public consultation, and these meetings typically end in some extremely important regulation being rolled back. One recent example is how the EPA found that neighborhoods of color are far more likely to suffer consequences from city pollution, yet Pruitt still planned to remove existing protections for areas affected by pollution.

Pruitt’s climate agenda is not only reckless, but it appears to be anti-environment altogether. Pruitt’s EPA has announced plans to lift bans on toxic chemicals and remove our clean water protections, and treats climate change as if it were a blessing to the planet. Back when Pruitt was just an Oklahoma attorney general, he sued the EPA over a dozen times over clean air and water regulations. Now that he’s in charge of the EPA, he’s just removing those regulations himself. Demand that Pruitt stop enacting these dangerous policies.


Dear Mr. Pruitt,

It is your sole responsibility to enact regulations that keep the Earth alive and healthy; why are you seemingly doing the exact opposite? You’ve been entrusted to protect the most valuable home we have, and yet you seek to burn the house down instead of safeguarding it.

When you can prove that people of color are more affected by pollution than their white counterparts, you should take measures to heal that damage, not worsen it. Attacking clean water will only make the rivers dry up faster, not preserve them. You need to implement policies that actually represent your job title.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: US Coast Guard