Help the Survivors of the Turkish Earthquake

On October 23, a 7.2 earthquake struck Turkey’s eastern region, heavily damaging the city of Ecris in the province of Van. 528 total fatalities have been reported, 455 from Ercis and over 4,000 more non-fatal injuries.

A week after the massive earthquake hit, Turkish authorities have announced an end to further search for survivors. Around 232 survivors were rescued from collapsed buildings and rubble. The earthquake destroyed over 2,000 buildings and homes leaving thousands without shelter. Survivors of the earthquake now left without homes face the incoming winter season and the accompanying freezing temperatures.

 The Turkish Red Crescent, the largest humanitarian organization in Turkey is attempting to gather resources and makeshift shelter for the dispossessed but faces lack of supplies and looting. 17 trucks carrying provisions for survivors have been looted by survivors worried about not receiving aid.

 For any concerned and wishing to help the survivors, there are a number of organizations accepting donations.

 The American Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross and the British Red Cross – All working in conjunction with the Turkish Red Crescent to provide shelter and other needed supplies for survivors. 

The Bridge to Türkiye Fund – Established in 2003, this organization helps provide educational assistance to children and families and on the ground rebuilding work.

 The Turkish Cultural Center Boston – Working with the Helping Hands Relief Foundation to provide necessities for the survivors. 


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