Eco Tourism on the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii-TravelTravelers now more than ever before visit new places with a much more environmentally conscious outlook. With the international progress of individuals decreasing their carbon footprints, world explorers have a large amount of exciting, green activities at their fingertips. The islands of Hawaii, situated along some of the most famous beaches and tropical wildlife in the world, can be any traveler’s dream paradise destination. Over seven million people visit Hawaii annually, which is why eco friendly tourism is imperative to ensure the islands remain an exotic paradise. 

The island of Oahu is the most famous of the group of Hawaiian islands. It also receives the highest amount of tourists, at over four million people a year. Travelers visit popular destinations, including Waikiki Beach, the North Shore, and Diamond Head. The summit of Diamond Head reveals an extraordinary view of the island of Oahu. The Oahu Nature Tour provides a 1.4 mile guided tour of the famous Diamond Head Crater. Staying consciously aware of the green lifestyle, the tour reveals the natural beauty of the crater without leaving a significant carbon footprint on the earth. The tour is in an intimate small group setting that begins early in the morning, just in time for visitors to experience the sunrise over Waikiki Beach. It is a 760 foot hike up to the summit, and the tour provides all the necessary hiking gear. Along the way to the top, visitors can learn about the flowers and plants seen, as well as the natural geology of Diamond Head Crater. A unique view of the Pacific Ocean and area beaches await hikers at the top, which can be considered as one of the most pristine views in the world. The tour takes about two and a half hours and remains eco friendly throughout its duration. 

Oahu is famous for its beaches and waterfalls. Hiking the Manoa waterfall is an experience any adventurer could enjoy while still being kind to the environment. The Manoa waterfall is easily accessible to visitors, and is the tallest waterfall that allows people to get a first hand experience. Travelers are able to walk through island vegetation and areas where bamboo grows. It is only twenty minutes away from Honolulu, which gives tourists a chance to leave the city for a more tranquil part of Oahu. Also through Oahu Nature Tours, the hike is two miles and takes about two hours. It is a great chance to glimpse into the beauty of the tropical island, without doing major harm to the world. 

The second most visited island is Maui, which receives over two million visitors a year. Eco friendly excursions are available in all parts of the island. Often voted as Hawaii’s favorite island, Maui has breathtaking beaches for everyone to enjoy. Kaanapali Beach is a three mile stretch of some of the finest shorelines, giving visitors an opportunity to spend the day swimming in the ocean and relaxing on the soft sand. Kaanapali Beach is one of Maui’s most famous beaches. The Maui Downhill Bicycle Safari Tours is a green option for anyone who wants to see experience the majestic Haleakala, Maui’s signature volcano. Haleakala means the “house of the sun”, which is why it is such a popular destination for people who want to see the sunrise at the summit of the volcano. There are tour options where visitors can head up to the summit before dawn, witness one of the most spectacular sunrise spots in the world, and then ride a bicycle all the way back down from the peak. Keeping up with the eco friendly tour, the bicycling portion reduces everyone’s carbon footprint while exploring the island of Maui outside of a car. 

Known for it’s tropical fruits and fresh produce, Hawaii is a foodie’s paradise for Polynesian and Asian inspired cuisine. The Big Island of Hawaii is also famous for its coffee. Kona coffee is one of the most well liked brews internationally. A visit to the Kona Le’a Plantation shows visitors how the coffee is grown and harvested. The organic farm strives to make sure the trees and earth are well taken care of during the coffee producing process. People are encouraged to visit the farm in Holualoa for free tours of the plantation and free samples of the famous Kona coffee. It is a unique experience for any coffee lover. No matter what island tourists travel to, the islands of Hawaii offer an array of eco friendly activities. There is no shortage of scenic views and enjoyable moments while still maintaining a green lifestyle on the islands of Aloha. 

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