Eco Friendly Restaurants in the United States

Food-RestaurantDining out at restaurants is a popular way for Americans across the country to spend some leisure time while enjoying tasty and delicious food. With thousands of options in major cities around the United States, it can be hard to find eco friendly, sustainable restaurants that serve mouth watering food. Restaurants in all corners of the country have taken on the green lifestyle approach by sourcing their food from local farms, cooking with organic ingredients, using recycled packaging, and decreasing the amount of waste production. Enjoying a meal at a local restaurant can be both fulfilling for your appetite while consciously taking steps to help the environment.

San Francisco can be considered one of the pioneer cities in the United States to take on the environmentally friendly lifestyle. Implemented in the cuisine throughout the Bay Area, green restaurants have been popping up for decades. Opened in 1971 by Alice Waters, Chez Panisse is an eco conscious Berkley establishment that promotes the healthy choices of eating organically. The restaurant strongly believes that the best food created comes from farmers harvesting organic food, on land that is well maintained. Chez Panisse is considered a fine dining option, with prix fix dinner menus starting from $65-85 a person.

If budget is a factor, Mixt Greens is a wallet and eco friendly restaurant with many locations around San Francisco. Like many other establishments, Mixt Greens believes in serving the freshest organic foods that are locally sourced and good for the environment. Aside from the sustainable food, Mixt Greens is a restaurant that has gone green throughout the whole structure of the building. All Mixt Greens buildings have been created by using recycled products and materials that are good for the environment.  All the packaging in the restaurants is 100% biodegradable, including everything from cups, plates, to utensils. Mixt Greens is one of only a small group of five restaurants in the San Francisco area to be a Certified Bay Area Green Business, mainly due to their ongoing efforts for green dining and educational outreach to the community.

Over on the east coast, eco friendly restaurants have been attracting diners for years. ABC Kitchen in the heart of New York City is an environmentally conscious option for people who want exceptional food. Also creating dishes with locally sourced, organic food, the chefs take pride in making sure none of their food has had exposure to pesticides, and comes from the freshest, most humanely treated farms in the region. ABC Kitchen’s globally diverse menu allows diners to experience tastes from around the world without burning a hole in their wallets, all while being kind to the environment.

Sustainability is a popular idea in a Miami hotspot named for being just that. Sustain, a restaurant and bar in the tropical city of Miami is an eco friendly option to a night out on the town. Seasonal ingredients and presented to diners in delicious dishes. The food at Sustain is modern American, while the décor is dramatic and resembles a wooden ribcage. All aspects of the restaurant have been created based on the simple idea of keeping everything good for the environment. Grass-fed beef options are on the menu, along with their popular “50 Mile Salad”, which is created from vegetables sourced no more than 50 miles away from the restaurant. The interior decorations have also been made with sustainable furnishings, including reclaimed materials, LED lights, and green-guard certified fabrics.  

For those who are consciously aware of eating green while in Sin City, Las Vegas has fine dining cuisine right on the strip. The Venetian and Palazzo Hotels, located right in the middle of all the Las Vegas action, boast three restaurants that are certified Green Restaurants. From celebrity chef Mario Batali, along with Joe Bastianich, comes Enoteca San Marco, B&B Ristorante at the Venetian, and Carnevino at the Palazzo. All take fresh ingredients and masterfully create Italian dishes for diners. The three different restaurants take into account reducing their carbon footprint by conserving water and paper, removing the use of bottled water within the establishments, and recycling. Healthy and sustainable food has gone mainstream at these centrally located Las Vegas restaurants.

Green living has become easily accessible for millions of people across the country through restaurants that cater to eco friendly needs. A top priority for these restaurants have been to use organic food that has been locally sourced in the region, by farmers who take care of their environment to the best of their abilities. The buildings and décor have also played a key role in creating attractive spaces while using sustainable materials. Eco friendly restaurants in the United States have taken the green lifestyle and implemented into their food and dining experience, giving diners the best products while still making sure the environment receives the best care.

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