Celebrate the Ocean on World Oceans Day


An international celebration of oceans around the globe will be taking place on June 8, 2011. Designated as World Oceans Day, the annual celebration marks the day in which people from all different countries and cultures can pay tribute to one of the most magnificent components of nature. Oceans have served as passageways for travel for centuries, along with a constant food supply and in recent times for many recreational activities. The purposes of the world’s oceans are diverse, and for one day people can celebrate all the positives that the vast oceans bring.

There are many oceans that spread out across the world, which include the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, and Southern oceans. Oceans reach the coasts of all continents, touching the lives of a numerous amount of countries and millions of people. The lives of people around the world may depend on the ocean for daily transportation, income, and food. Oceans also help create much of the oxygen we use to breath, and is a natural source of life for diverse marine ecosystems. The drinking water we consume daily is cleaner with the help of the ocean, and the vast waters help to regulate the climate. Scientists have also used the benefits of the ocean for medicinal purposes. With all that the oceans can do for us, World Oceans Day strives to make sure we give back to the oceans. 

The ongoing conservation and protection of the world’s oceans is key to the survival of humans as well as aquatic wildlife. World Oceans Day encourages both children and adults to learn more about the rich diversity found under the water’s surface, to get a clearer understanding of how the daily lives of people have an impact on the natural environment of these animals. World Oceans Day supporters believe that with a higher understanding of how people and marine wildlife are continuously connected, the better the conservation efforts will turn out. In support of the celebration, people are encouraged to “wear blue, tell two”. This campaign hopes to increase conservation awareness by showing support through wearing blue clothing and spreading the word to others who may not understand the importance of keeping the oceans clean and away from danger.

The world’s oceans are constantly being threatened by daily human activities. Because oceans are a great source of food, fishermen have been using the water’s supply for their own benefit. Unfortunately, this has created harmful fishing tactics which has led to a considerable decrease in the amount of sea life available. Coral reefs, which support the natural habitats of countless types of fish and other marine animals, are threatened by global warming and change. Without natural protection, these animals are losing their homes and suffering without their habitats.

World Ocean Day promotes the idea that people can change their attitude towards ocean preservation with education and lifestyle change. The organizers of the annual celebration have come up with the Seven C’s Pledge, a short list of simple conservation steps that anyone can implement into daily life. The steps include commitment to making a difference, conserving at home, consuming consciously, communicating interests and concerns, challenging yourself daily, and connecting to you community. 

Over 300 events were held on World Oceans Day in 2010, across 45 countries. For this year’s celebratory day, there will also be hundreds of events worldwide. Popular events in the United States will include educational experiences for children at museums and aquariums, organized beach clean ups, live concerts, public discussions on conservation efforts, and interactive entertainment. Both children and adults have many options to celebrate the fun of World Oceans Day, while giving back and playing a role in the preservation of one of the world’s largest resource.

Photo credit: research.gov/common/images/PublicAffairs/13167_CoralReef–rgov-800width.jpg

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