Boy Plants One Million Trees

At only nine years old, Felix Finkbeiner created a program to plant one million trees in Germany. It all started during a presentation Felix gave at his school about planting trees and people listened.

Inspired by the example of Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmentalist who has organized the planting of 30 million trees. Felix had the idea to plant one million trees in every country he could. Three years later, Felix has created an organization called Plant for the Planet and is doing work in 70 countries. Within the same time period, Germany has planted an additional one million trees under his program.

Success to Felix’s Plant for the Planet can be greatly attributed to the news media’s exposure early on leading to awareness and numerous donations. Also, his family has a strong environmental perspective. Felix’s father has his own conservation group as well.

Felix is often invited to speak at many news conferences around the world and can be away from home for weeks. His goal is to plant 212,000,000 trees worldwide under Plant for the Planet. He has only planted one million trees thus far, but has 1.4 million trees pledged to be planted worldwide very soon.

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