Study Shows Sea Level to Rise by 1 Meter

On Monday, a new Australian study showed that sea levels could rise by up to a meter by the end of the century.  The study also showed that “once-a-century” flooding could happen almost yearly due to the climate change.

In the government’s first Climate Commission report, the study showed that the warming of Earth’s surface was “beyond doubt”, and that data from the most up-to-date climate science around the world showed that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities were the most probable cause of rising temperatures, warmer oceans, and rising sea levels. 

Though the study has been reviewed by climate scientists from the CSIRO, an Australian science body, and the Bureau of Meteorology and academics, some judgements, like the amount of sea level rising, were the assessment of the author Will Steffen.

“I expect the magnitude of global average sea-level rise in 2100 compared to 1990 to be in the range of 0.5 to 1.0 meter,” Steffen said in his study.

The report said that a rise of 0.5 meters in sea level would have a large impact on the country, such as flooding of large coastal areas around major cities like Sydney and Melbourne. 

Also, the climate change is affecting Australia’s risk for natural disasters.  With the rise in sea level, there has also been a decline in rain, as well as a doubling of the number of record hot days that has led to increased risk of bush fires and heat waves. 

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who is trying to introduce a carbon tax to curb greenhouse gas emissions, seized on the report.

“We don’t have time for false claims in this debate. The science is in, climate change is real,” she said.

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