Kids Take A Green Stance to Better the Future

The green movement has recently been invited into the minds of the youth through an increased emphasis on environmental education in schools. Some schools have been having fun at eco-carnivals while others are marching for a greener planet. The latest event was the Green Your School Challenge that asked kids to come up with creative initiatives focused on school food, climate change, energy conservation, and recycling. Ten schools were selected and rewarded as the “Top 10 Green Schools.”

These new programs are more than just teaching what the three R’s mean: reduce, reuse, and recycle. They are teaching children that they are the future and a vital part of the green movement to create a cleaner environment. Some schools are part of programs like the “Recycling Spies” who reward children who are seen recycling, while other schools hold assemblies to teach how to fight the climate change. There are now classes to point out how and why animals are going extinct, and the controversial issues that surround these reasons.
Several events have happened this month and will continue to occur. One student has been reported for suing the state of Colorado for ruining his environment and failing to protect the climate. A group called iMatter organized a youth march that included over 25 countries. Children marched through their towns with signs that said things like, “I hang” with a picture of clothes hanging out on a line. Another sign displayed the words, “I power” with a windmill attached. Children are uniting worldwide to create a cleaner, greener, environment. Kids are taking a stance and reducing the pounds of greenhouse gases by the millions. They are the future and are taking a hold of it into their tiny, but powerful, hands.

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