Toys “R” Us Builds Largest Solar Rooftop in North America

Toys“R”Us, Inc., today, announced plans to construct the largest rooftop solar power installation in North America to its biggest distribution center in Flanders, New Jersey. Toys“R”Us, which is the world’s leading toy and juvenile retailer, has been working closely with the state and the community to develop a more sustainable operational facility.

“The unprecedented scope of this project furthers our already strong commitment to sustainability in our operations,” said Chairman and CEO of Toys“R”Us, Inc., Jerry Storch. “New Jersey’s leadership in providing renewable, clean energy opportunities for companies has helped pave the way for an installation of this size and underscores the state as a champion for solar energy growth across North America.”

The 5.83 megawatt solar rooftop will cover 869,294 square feet and is estimated to generate 72 percent of the electricity needed for the Toys“R”Us facility. The solar power mechanism will cover almost 70 percent of the Toys“R”Us 1,281,000-square-foot roof and will consist of more than 37,000 lightweight photovoltaic solar panels.  This particular facility is the largest of the ten main distribution centers and spans over 1.5 million square feet, including the roof, which covers 32 acres.

The same amount of electricity produced with nonrenewable sources would result in the release of over 4,000 metric tons of CO2. That amounts to the amount of emissions from 860 passenger vehicles or the amount of electricity used to power 532 homes annually.

In addition to this solar project, Toys“R”Us, Inc. is making numerous other changes toward a more sustainable future. Upgrades to its existing stores around the country as well as incorporating renewable energy sources to developing locations are among the many changes the corporation has insisted on.

The project is currently underway and will be finished by Summer 2011.

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