China To Improve Nuclear Standards

State media in China has reported that the government will improve safety standards and construction standards at all of its nuclear power plants.  

This happened nearly two months after the Fukushima incident in Japan that triggered an atomic crisis, after a tsunami and an earthquake damaged the reactors and cut power to the plants which led to dangerous overheating of the nuclear rods, and led to China ordering safety inspections on all of it nuclear plants and halting plans of new projects.  

“We have to raise our standards to deal with complicated situations, like what happened in Japan,” said Lin Hua, a nuclear safety official in the environmental protection ministry.

Officials are considering installing power generators inside the plants, as well as reconsidering the standards for flood control measures and construction of the walls of the reactor.   
Lin and the environmental protection ministry hope to finish evaluating and inspecting the nuclear plants by August, and to be able to provide and issue a safety plan following that.  

China currently owns and operates 13 nuclear reactors, and has plans to construct at least two dozen more, which is estimated at 40% of the reactors being built across the globe.  

As China’s economy and population continues to soar, energy demand is also rising.  Even after the Japanese atomic crisis, China insists that atomic energy is still a big part of their energy plan for the future.

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