The Call for Deer Fencing

Many heavily populated Deer areas across the country are calling for more fencing. Not only to protect personal gardens, but to benefit natural wildlife too. It has been found that surprisingly, Deer have a major environmental impact on the surrounding ecosystem in which we live. Not only do they limit one’s ability to grow a beautiful garden. But, can damage wildflower populations and kill the various blooms that bees and other natural pollinators need for survival.

So, what are the benefits of deciding to Deer proof a garden? From a personal standpoint you will be able to grow whatever plant or flower your heart desires. Without, having to worry about Bambi munching on your prized garden. Be prepared to sit back and enjoy the numerous springtime transformations and colors.

Your insect friends will be thanking you too. Pollinators rely on flowers blooming in the Spring. Where flowers grow populations of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators will thrive. Adding unmatched natural beauty to your garden. In recent years, the populations of both the bumblebee and some butterflies have been on a staggering decline. Deer proofing your garden may aid in the help to restore their populations.

Worried about other natural wildlife being effected by Deer Fencing? If put up correctly, fencing should do no harm to the surrounding wildlife. Birds should be able to fly freely and snack on your gardens seeds and thriving insect populations. Squirrels should still be able to make their way unharmed to forage. With enough room left at the bottom of a fence, smaller animals should be able to slip in and out of your fence enclosures. 

As the past has indicated, that when we as humans impose on the environment the results are often negative or damaging. However, we play a large role in the ecosystems that surround our daily lives. By carefully keeping the Deer population out of our gardens, we are creating a space for other members of nature to thrive. As a natural grazer, the Deer population you are keeping out should have no problem finding other wild plant food sources to consume. Indicating, that Deer fencing can be pro-environmentally friendly for all parts of nature.

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