Deadliest Tornadoes Since 1950 Terrorize Southern States

An astronomical wave of tornadoes have hit the southern states of the U.S., tearing through multiple towns and lives. More than 310 people have been reported dead in the six affected states. Cadaver dogs are searching for the missing population amongst the rubble of houses and buildings.


Over one million people are left without power, functioning gas stations, or food supplies. Roads are impassable leaving victims hard to reach. Citizens are being encouraged to boil their tap water for safe use. All traces of life have been destroyed in several entire blocks of cities. From a bird’s eye view, this region has been scarred into disfigurement.


President Obama is visiting the storm’s epicenter today. He visited the wrecked University of Tuscaloosa in Alabama, to shine a spotlight on the severity of the suffering of these families. Obama told local mayors that he will be there to help, signing a storm declaration to allow affected citizens and businesses to ask for federal financial assistance. Money, food, and water will soon be transported to the victims surviving this aftermath. Some relief will be bestowed upon families, but not nearly enough to give emotions a rest.


It will costs millions of dollars for the recuperation of this disaster, placing the recovery of the recession on the back-burner. People will be left trying to piece their lives together for years to come.


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