Severe Storms Threaten to Flood Missouri Towns

Flooding in Missouri increased today as water from the Black River continued to spill over a levee guarding the town of Poplar Bluff. Although the levee is still intact, town officials are concerned it might break and inundate Poplar Bluff with flood waters. In preparation for the potential of a levee break and full on flood, the town has evacuated over 1,000 homes in the area.
With water already spilling over the levee and into the town, rescue crews have had their hands full. Yesterday, 59 people had to be rescued from flooded sections of the town. Fortunately, no deaths or injuries have been reported.
Unfortunately, weather forecasters are calling for more heavy rainstorms to hit the already-water logged region. Towns throughout the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys are being threatened by the rising floodwaters.
The storms which have been raging since last week have so far affected a giant region of the nation, including Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas and Missouri. Storms are expected to move into Illinois and Wisconsin today.

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