Energy Crisis Hits Obama and the Nation Hard

gasoline prices high rising crisis energy President Obama’s ratings are going down due to high gas prices, but this is not a new phenomenon. According to history, presidential approval ratings always drop as gas prices rise. This will be a setback for Obama, as he gears up for the race for a second term. At near $4 dollars a gallon average, and many locations already well over that mark, Obama’s approval ratings have reached his all time low of 41 percent.

While the turmoil in the Middle East has affected Americans at the pump, this is not the sole reason for the price spike. Gas prices do not always coincide with the price of oil, and it can take up to two weeks for them to be affected. The US dollar is currently weak and this makes it more difficult for America to buy what it requires, like crude oil. All nations have increasing demands for gasoline, and the US dollar is weaker in comparison.

As gas prices continue to rise as the summer driving season approaches, something must be done to save money. Car manufacturers are aware of the crisis and are cranking out more green cars daily. The new Volkswagon Bug gets 40mpg on the highway, similar to these top six fuel-efficient cars. Besides saving money on gas, people must cut corners in other areas to be able to travel. Using less electricity by turning off lights and appliances, riding a bike or walking to local locations, and carpooling are just a few good tips to deal with the energy crisis. On the bright side, almost all of these activities are more environmentally friendly than driving.

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