Despite Controversy, Cape Wind Project Approved for Construction

The Cape Wind Energy Project, which plans to build a 130-turbine wind farm off Nantucket Sound, has been approved for construction. Last Tuesday, the US government announced its decision to allow this construction despite the decade-long dispute concerning environmental impacts and increased power costs for customers. The construction could begin as early as autumn and is expected to supply energy to hundreds of thousands of American homes.

Despite many efforts to prevent this wind farm from proceeding, the Obama administration has backed the project, emphasizing its potential to create thousands of jobs and spur offshore wind development in the US.

“Offshore wind power is the new frontier for our industry,” said Denise Bode, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association. “The Secretary understands the manufacturing and job opportunities that offshore wind brings to America and knows that it needs long-term policy support in order to do so.” 

Earlier this month, project managers began looking for a partner to help finance the initial steps of the $1.7 billion project. The finalized project will be the first in the US and is expected to cut carbon dioxide emissions in Massachusetts by over 700,000 tons annually.

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