Garnier Going Green

The cosmetic giant Garnier by L’Oreal is making industry-wide changes to be a greener, more eco-friendly company.

Part of that plan is to encourage recycling from its consumers.  When Garnier’s consumers sign up with TerraCycle, Garnier’s partner in the their green efforts, they will get two cents per unit of waste donated to the charity of their choice.  Also, TerraCycle will take the packaging collected from Garnier or any other cosmetic brand and use it to build playgrounds all across the U.S.  To get involved, participants just need to sign up with TerraCycle’s Personal Care and Beauty Brigade program.  

Last month, Garnier appointed Pamela Alabaster, an 18-year company veteran, in charge of their new sustainability function, which looks to incorporate their new sustainable practices and strategies into the company’s infrastructure. 

Another part of Garnier’s sustainability efforts are their new packaging improvements, which include using bio-derived plastics and cardboard from sustainable sources as well as more naturally derived ingredients.  Garnier is also rolling out their new line of “green” haircare products. These new products are made with non-ecotoxic substances and are without silicone, paraben or dye, and the packaging is made from 50% recycled bottles.  The packaging also includes promotions and instructions on how to be more environmentally friendly by recycling the bottles and showering for five minutes less each day. 

For the next month, TerraCycle and Garnier will be touring the country and stopping at various festivals and events to endorse their new green products as well as their partnership with TerraCycle.  Their program will teach and encourage customers to have a positive effect on the environment.

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