Oscars Go Green With Environmentally Themed Nominees

February 25, 2011 – By Mason Williams

Environmentally themed movies will play a larger than usual role at the Academy Awards this weekend. Five different films nominated for awards have green related messages. Those films include Let’s Pollute, Gasland, Wasteland, Sun Come Up, and The Warriors of Qiugang. Here is some more information about these eco-themed films: 

1. Let’s Pollute

Let’s Pollute is an animated short film that parodies the “time-honored tradition of polluting” by using 1950’s and 1960’s style educational films. Let’s Pollute is up for the Short Film (Animated) Award.

2. Gasland

Gasland is a documentary film that looks at American communities effected by natural gas exploration, specifically due to the process known as hydraulic fracturing. This documentary has already permeated into popular culture through its disturbing images of lighting tap water on fire. Gasland is up for the best Documentary Feature Award.

3. Wasteland

Wasteland is a documentary that follows modern artist Vik Muniz, who works with garbage pickers at a giant Rio de Janeiro landfill.  The film looks at not only Muniz’s art, but also examines the lives of this group of people who spend their days picking garbage. Wasteland is up for the best Documentary Feature Award.

4. Sun Come Up

Sun Come Up is a documentary that looks at the effects of climate change on the South Pacific Carteret Islands, which could become uninhabitable by rising ocean waters by 2015. Sun Come Up is nominated for the Documentary Short Subject Award.

5. The Warriors of Qiugang

The Warriors of Qiugang looks at the small Chinese village of Qiugang, which was being poisoned by the pollution from a series of local chemical plants. The film shows how the villages fought back against the companies responsible for the pollution. The Warriors of Qiugang is up for the best Documentary Short Subject Award.

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