Greenland Ice Sheet Melting at Record Pace

January 21, 2011- GreenAnswers Staff

According to a recently completed analysis, Greenland’s ice sheet melted at a record pace in 2010. Since 1873 when records were first kept, Greenland experienced its warmest spring and summer temperatures ever.

Last summer’s temperatures in Greenland were up to 5.4 degrees F above normal. Coupled with reduced snowfall, this made for a destructive environment for the ice sheet, which melted at a record pace.

The Greenland study, which was sponsored by NASA, the World Wildlife Fund, and the National Science Foundation, paints a dark picture for the future of the planet.

“Sea level rise is expected to top 3 feet by 2100, largely due to melting from ice sheets,” said World Wildlife Fund climate specialist Martin Sommerkorn in a statement.

To see images of the melting Greenland ice sheet, check out the video below, which was taken by Marco Tedesco of City College of New York, who is studying what factors affect ice sheet melting.

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