Halliburton Knew Cement Mixture Was Unstable

Oct. 29, 2010 (GreenAnswers Staff) – Halliburton was aware ahead of time that the cement mixture to be used to seal the well under the Deepwater Horizon was unstable yet still proceeded with the job, the commission investigating the accident disclosed this week.

According to the commission appointed by President Obama to investigate the disaster, Halliburton had conducted lab tests on the cement weeks before the blowout which had indicated the cement mixture was unstable. The results of at least one of those tests was passed along to BP which did not act upon the information. The panels lead investigator, Fred H. Bartlit Jr. explained, “There is no indication that Halliburton highlighted to BP the significance of the foam stability data or that BP personnel raised any questions about it.”

Additional tests on the proposed cement mixture conducted by Halliburton also found instability in the mixture, however those results were never passed along to BP.

Although the faulty cement mixture was not the primary cause of the accident, if it had worked as intended, it would have prevented the oil from exploding out of the well bore.

In response to the commission’s findings, Halliburton released a six page statement questioning the commission’s conclusions and also placing the blame for the accident on BP.

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