Largest Wind Farm and First Major Solar Plant to be Constructed in Russia


A windmill in the Russian Murmansk region.

July 30 (GreenAnswers) — Only days after ground was broken on the largest wind farm in the United States, Russia announced its plans to construct the largest wind farm in that country. The plant will be located in Yeisk, a coastal city on the Sea of Azov. The wind farm will initially generate 50 MW, with it’s capacity eventually reaching 100 MW per year. In comparison, the new wind farm in California aims to eventually produce 3 GW of energy.

The Russian wind project, announced by the state-owned news agency RIA-Novosti, is in line with President Medvedev’s recent attempts to diversify the Russian energy industry, which is primarily focused on oil and gas exports. A combination of private and public investors are putting $200 million into the Yeisk project.

The Rostovteploelektroproekt company, which is working on the project, has estimated (with a quintessentially Russian metaphor) that the energy produced by the new wind farm will be enough to “bake 17.6 trillion loaves of bread” per year.

Russia also announced its plans this week to build the country’s first major solar plant. To be located in Kislovodsk, a city in the North Caucasus region, the solar plant will eventually produce 13 MW of energy and will cost $100 million to construct.

These announcements come at the same time that Russia is suffering through one of its worst droughts and related heat waves on record. On Thursday, temperatures in Moscow reached a record 102 degrees, and some have estimated that as much as one-fifth of the country’s wheat crop has already been lost to drought.

More information on the Yeisk wind project.

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